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Why do I need colonoscopy?

What do I need a colonoscopy for? I am 60 and perfectly healthy. I recently had a CT scan, PET scan, ultrasound and x-ray; all came out excellent. I have no family history of any disease; my relatives have died by accident, in the military, etc. There’s no death caused by illness that I know of.

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Everyone over the age of 50 needs a colonoscopy. All those other tests do not look at the inside of the colon. About 50% of all cancers are found during screening colonoscopy when the patient has no symptoms.

Colonoscopy is considered the “gold standard” in evaluation of colon cancer. Polyps that may not be detected with imaging can been seen in colonoscopy. Polyps can be concerning in regards to developing cancer. Please call us if you decide a screening colonoscopy is desired. Thank you.

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