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When should you use endoscopy over colonoscopy?

What is the difference between colonoscopy and endoscopy? Which one is better at preventing colon cancer? They just seem so similar to me and I don’t know which one I would be looking for.

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Thanks for the question. There is actually a big difference between colonoscopy and endoscopy. When we say “endoscopy” what we usually mean is “upper endoscopy” meaning we are taking a look at the insides of your stomach and esophagus. Although a colonoscopy, which looks at your colon, is technically an “endoscopy,” we usually call it a colonoscopy or “lower endoscopy” to keep things clear.

Colonoscopy is for colon cancer screening. Endoscopy is to evaluate the stomach.

Endoscopy refers to an exam using lighted a scope that is inserted into a hollow part of an organ or body part for evaluation. A colonoscopy is a type of endoscopic procedure.

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