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What is twilight anesthesia during a colonoscopy?

What is twilight anesthesia during a colonoscopy? Is that considered a virtual colonoscopy or do they do sedation during a normal colonoscopy as well?

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Twilight anesthesia is sedation given during a colonoscopy to keep the patient comfortable during the procedure. Virtual colonoscopy is a CT scan that does not use sedation.

The term “twilight” is a layman’s expression for the term “conscious sedation,” a type of light sedation which is used during a standard colonoscopy. Virtual colonoscopy is the use of a high resolution CT scan to visualize the colon. Since it is non-invasive, sedation is not used during a Virtual Colonoscopy.

They do sedation during regular colonoscopy in the form of a ‘twilight’ sedation. This means a moderate sedative is given to make you sleepy, and to take away the anxiety and pain from the procedure – this type of anesthesia does not completely make you unconscious. Virtual colonoscopy refers to CT colonography which you can read more about on

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