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What symptoms would a colonoscopy diagnose?

Hi, I’m having GI symptoms like abdominal pain, cramping, discomfort and sometimes mucus in my stool. I had upper GI series tests 3 years and 5 years ago, a stool test 3 years ago, a lower abdominal ultrasound 3 years ago and an upper abdominal ultrasound 5 years ago. All results came out normal. Now I’m on Prilosec (20mg) to control reflux, and I’ve been diagnosed with and am being treated for H. pylori. I’m 32 years old, South Asian Indian-American. I have a family history of IBS, but not IBD or any type of cancer. A sister had appendicitis. I never smoked, but I am the occasional drinker. My BMI is 23; I’ve always kept a healthy weight and stayed active. I practice a vegetarian diet and have not had any health issues other than reflux and these GI symptoms. Should I opt for colonoscopy to rule out other issues, or virtual colonoscopy, or double contrast barium enema? Thanks.

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The best test to evaluate the colon is a colonoscopy and you should discuss this with a gastroenterologist.

You arrange a consult with your primary care doctor or gastroenterologist to discuss what should be done next based on the testing already completed.

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