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What gastroenterological conditions can cause abdominal burning?

I have had an endoscopy and colonoscopy and have had abdominal pain, burning, nausea , and also upper pain for two years. I haven’t gotten any answers as to what this can be yet. What conditions can cause severe abdominal burning?

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You likely have functional dyspepsia which is abnormal sensitive of your intestinal nerves. You should discuss treatment options with your doctor.

Thank you for this excellent question. Abdominal pain , burning and nausea are very broad symtoms with many causes. Endoscopies are just one of many ways we use to diagnose problems such as yours. Assuming your upper and lower endoscopies are normal, the cause of your symptoms could be due to irritable bowel syndrome, hormonal abnormalities, structural abnormalities in your abdominal cavity and many other reasons. You need to go back to your gastroenterologist and tell them you symptoms persist and a more detailed work up is needed. Good luck!

It is important that you have follow up with your primary care physician. He/she should have the reports from procedures, medications and physician consults in order to direct care to the next step.

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