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What could my gastroenterological condition be?

I’ve had 2 colonoscopies in the last 6 months, the surgeon has been unable to get through to the ileum due to resistance and a slight constriction. I started with V/D bloody stools at x’s in October. This has been resolved and I’ve been asymptomatic for any GI issues. The 2nd scope was a fu, this done yesterday. I’ve also had 2 CT scans that showed some inflammation in the area but the second showed much improvement (10cm to 4 cm). Biopsies have been negative. What could this be, the Dr. is stumped, I’ve a hx of Stage 1.5 breast cancer in 2006, trt. lumpectomy, chemo, radiation.

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This may be related to Crohn’s disease and I would request to be seen by a gastroenterologist so they can evaluate you.

It sounds as if you have many details to your case at this time. Please speak to your doctor to see if a referral to another physician is in order.

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