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What can I do to have a normal bowel movement?

I have had constipation the majority of my adult life. I eat fruits vegetables and whole grains and drink lots and lots of water every day and still I struggle to eliminate my bowels. What else can I do to have a normal bowel movement?

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Aside from what you are already doing, exercise often helps. It’s a great way to help stimulate your bowels, to help you achieve a bowel movement. Eating a diet high in fiber along with drinking plenty of fluids in conjunction will only help! This is a natural and effective way of having normal healthy bowel function.

Constipation is multifactorial. It can be from a structural etiology, especially if the change in bowel habit is recent, from a slow colon motility/transit and/or pelvic floor dysfunction. You will need to be fully evaluated by a gastroenterology provider.

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