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Is it normal to pass blood during colonoscopy preparation?

The colonoscopy preparation instructions were take 4 dulcolax at 11 am then a bottle of miralax with 2 bottles of Gatorade. The pharmacist told me to get the overnight dulcolax so my husband took the 4 pills before bed. At 3 am he awoke with bad cramps, he has since passed several blood clots and says his stomach really hurts and he has the chills. Is this normal?

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That is not normal. I would encourage you to undergo the colonoscopy as this will possibly evaluate the source of the bleeding. Definitely inform your gastroenterologist asap.

It is unusual and should be discussed with your gastroenterologist.

Sometimes the prep for a colonoscopy can make external and/or internal hemorrhoids bleed due to the frequent stools. The prep can also cause some cramping with the bowel movement.

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