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Is it normal for no stool to be passed during colonoscopy prep?

I have had chronic constipation for months. I had a Ladd’s procedure in November of 2011 and ever since I have had chronic constipation. Three days ago I had a colonoscopy to look at why this was happening. During the colonoscopy prep I passed only a little bit of stool one time and the rest of the time it was basically clear liquid. This worries me because I have been constipated for so long so why wouldn’t hardly anything come out? I have a distended stomach, throbbing stabbing aching pains in my stomach and tenderness to touch, I always feel incredibly full or bloated and after I eat I feel the need to throw up. I’m just very concerned because I know that after my surgery it is common to have a bowel obstruction and my symptoms are very similar to that of one. Should be concerned or possible reasons why my body didn’t pass a lot of stool during the colonoscopy prep after months of constipation. Do you think this could be an obstruction or something else?

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It is not normal to not pass stool during a colonoscopy prep. Please talk with your gastroenterologist about your colonoscopy results and?your prep concerns. The symptoms you describe definately need to be followed up on. Again, please speak with your gastroenterologist about these symptoms.

if your gastroenterologist could pass the scope and complete the exam, then there would be no obstruction.

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