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How soon before a colonoscopy should I stop eating?

I ate a bowl of puffed rice at 7 am and I am scheduled for a colonoscopy at 10:30am tomorrow. So is it enough time, 27 hours?

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Clear liquids should be started 24 hours before your procedure followed by your bowel preparation as instructed by your gastroenterologist. You should stop solid food (including smoothies, yogurt, shakes) at least 24 hours before you procedure. Make sure you check with your doctor, as every practice may have slightly different instructions depending on their type of bowel prep.

Yes, especially with low residual foods such as rice. You will be fine as long as you maintain clear liquids the rest of the day prior, and then stop eating once you start your prep.

That should be enough time. However, follow the instructions given to you and if you have any questions contact your physician.

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