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How should I be repositioned during a colonoscopy?

I had Propofol for my colonoscopy. I find that I am very agitated by not being able to remember what happened. Are patients always repositioned from side lateral to back/supine during the exam? If so, is a patient able to reply to verbal commands while sedated with Propofol and move on their own, and if not, how does the staff move the patient? I am very modest and am quite horrified by the thought of being moved around half naked in front of everyone there, including 2 males (I am female). If my colonoscopy report states that I was placed in the left lateral position and the exam was “without difficulty,” would that mean that I was not moved further?

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It is common to move patients during a colonoscopy, and it should not cause any worry. Patients are draped well and all respect is given.

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