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How do I know if I am at risk for colon cancer?

I have been to the emergency room twice and I have been sent home with antibiotics. But I continue to have watery diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain and back pain. I found a little blood in my stool as well. I’m a 30 year old female, and this has been going on for months. My father died 3 years ago at the age 45 of colon cancer. in tired all the time but have problems sleeping. What should I do?

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This is a fairly serious problem. The differential diagnosis for bloody diarrhea that has been going on some time is extensive, but what I would worry about most is inflammatory bowel diseases, especially in this age group. I’d say you should connect with a gastroenterologist asap – if there are delays you should goto a different ER for evaluation and possibly admission for colonoscopy.

You should definitely have a colonoscopy with that history.

Please speak to your family doctor about being evaluated by a gastroenterologist. The fact that your father died of colon cancer raises your risk. Please see your doctor about this soon.

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