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Do I need to see a gastroenterologist?

In my case, I’ve already seen a regular doctor about my sugar being too low and being diagnosed with hypoglycemia. However, I’ve had IBS symptoms for about 9 years and I’ve just dealt with it. My doctor happens to think there may be a relation between my IBS symptoms and my sugar crashes because I told him my sugar seems to drop (or I feel like crap) if I end up using the bathroom a lot in the morning time (which I do). Also, I’ve had issues with metallic tasting when I eat too much sugar, or I use the bathroom a lot.

Are there things I should really make note of? I just need some advice. I’m terrified of getting a colonoscopy. I’m 32 years old, and I’ve never had to have surgery or be put under for anything. My doctor happens to think the gastroenterologist will make me have one, but I’m so scared. I don’t know what to expect and it’s ridiculous thinking about it. Anything you could add to this would also be helpful. Thanks.

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If you are having episodes of frequent stools and abdominal?discomfort a gastroenterologist may be able to help.? Your concerns about colonoscopy should be discussed with the physician at time of office visit. You should take with your family?doctor about seeing an endocrinologist about blood sugar control.

You should not have decreased sugars just because of IBS and other causes should be ruled out. A colonoscopy is a well tolerated procedure and you would be fine if it is needed. If there are any questions about the diagnosis of IBS, then a gastroenterology consultation would be recommended.

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