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Do I need a colonoscopy if I am experiencing bowel problems?

I have been having bowel problems for more than 6 months. My symptoms include: stomach bloating, constipation, sometimes diarrhea, lumps on anus, anal bleeding, pain in the area and severe itching. My doctor has not done an exam and simply put me on Bentyl. He has done a CBC and after asking for a colonoscopy or exam he told me that my symptoms do not warrant one. I am at my wits end and need advice on what my next step should be. Thank you.

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Depending on your age and if you have had a colonoscopy in the past, evaluation may be indicated. If the symptoms have not improved on bentyl, you should discuss further options with your doctor.

Your health history and that of you family will have an impact on the decision to have a colonoscopy. If you are not connected to a gastroenterologist than I would recommend that you see one.

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