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Can I get a colonoscopy without sedation?

I have a bad family history of colon cancer in my first degree relatives; I was going to get a colonoscopy, but the endoscopy places that I called all seem to insist on sedation, and I’m allergic to the medications. Versed gave me hives and respiratory distress, which was really bad, and it didn’t work anyway because it just made me more anxious. I was told that this allergy was one in a million and that Propofol would be better, but it was worse yet. (They blamed the reaction on an allergy to eggs, which I don’t have.) Anyway, I’ll never get sedation again with anything. I understand that an unsedated colonoscopy is uncomfortable, but common everywhere but in the USA. How do I get a colonoscopy unsedated? Every place that I call isn’t helpful. Thanks.

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I routinely do unsedated colonoscopy. You should ask your gastroenterologist.

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