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Are there various options for colonoscopy bag?

I will be having my colon removed. Are there different colonoscopy bag types available to choose from?

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The term is actually colostomy, which is a little different than a colonoscopy (which is a procedure).? In general there are different types based on which part of the colon or small bowel are brought up to the skin (can be an ileostomy or colostomy in general).? You want to discuss this with your surgeon prior to proceeding.

I believe what you mean is a colostomy bag (or ileostomy bag if the entire colon is removed). The type of bag that is placed depends on the surgery. The bags can be a two piece system or a one piece system (typically designed to be disposable). Neither one is better than the other, it would depend on your preference since they each have their advantages and disadvantages. They also come in various sizes and shapes. Since some use adhesives to attach to your skin, your skin may be allergic to the adhesive. Your best resource will be your surgeon to discuss which bag would suit your skin and lifestyle.

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