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    Detailed Review of Pixel by LabCorp™ Colorectal Cancer At-Home Test


    LabCorp, the company that manufactures the Pixel at home stool test, is one of the largest clinical laboratory networks in the world and has 36 primary laboratories all over the United States. The Pixel test is a fecal immunochemical test (FIT), the only stool test approved by the FDA as an accurate and effective screening test for colon cancer. A FIT stool test uses antibodies to detect hidden blood in stool samples, an indication that there may be a polyp or cancerous tumor present in a person’s colon.

    A FIT stool test uses antibodies to detect hidden blood in stool samples, an indication that there may be a polyp or cancerous tumor present in a person’s colon.

    The Pixel FIT test is one of the more expensive colorectal cancer screening kits on the market but is backed by an accredited scientific company that prides itself in excellence. 

    At home stool tests can help detect colon cancer and the presence of polyps.

    The Pixel stool test requires that a person collects a sample of their stool from home and mail the sample to a lab for analysis. There are no restrictions on diet nor medications before taking the test. If you choose to purchase the Pixel FIT test, you have access to PWNHealth, an independent physician partner group that offers consultations if you get a positive result. Your results are provided digitally at the Pixel website and you can download the results and discuss them with your physician. One drawback of this test is there are no directions available on the website on how to take the test.  


    Sensitivity: 97%

    Specificity: 70.8%-90.1%

    How to Administer

    1. After receiving the kit in the mail, register your test on the Pixel by Labcorp website. 
    2. Follow the instructions to collect your sample.
    3. Flush the toilet.
    4. Place provided capture paper into the toilet.
    5. Use provided sample-collection wand to collect sample according to instructions provided. 
    6. Mail your kit using the pre-addressed and prepaid mailing label.


    The Pixel by Labcorp colon cancer screening test kit contains the following:

    • Instruction guide
    • Sample collection device
    • Waste bag
    • Self-addressed envelope 
    • Prepaid return shipping label

    The Good and the Not So Good


    • You do not need to restrict your diet or your medications before taking the test
    • You can download your results from the website and share with your physician
    • You have access to PWNHealth (an independent physician partner group) that offers consultations if you get a positive result
    • LabCorp is an accredited laboratory and well-established

    Not So Good

    • The kit can be more expensive than other options
    • Direct contact with stool sample is required
    • You have to mail in sample to a lab for results
    • The website does not provide directions on how to take the test


    One kit: $89 


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