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Join Dr. Dac or Ariel Bridges each week on the Colon Health Podcast to learn the latest advancements and advice on managing colon health.

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Rachael Hartley
Episode 005

IBS, FODMAPs, and Intuitive Eating, with Rachael Hartley

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is the bane of many people’s existence. Unfortunately, it is quite common and if you do not personally have the misfortune of experiencing this condition, there is a very high chance […]

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Dale Prokupek, MD
Episode 004

Weight Loss Interventions and Colon Cancer, with Dr. Dale Prokupek

When it comes to colon health, there are countless factors to be considered. Two hot button issues in recent discussion with the media are obesity and weight loss. The controversial nature of those topics should […]

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Dr. Dac Teoli
Episode 003

Cologuard: A Patient’s Perspective, with Ollie

One of the more exciting developments over the past decade in the world of colon health is the ability to screen for colorectal cancer, or even precancerous polyps, without having to undergo a colonoscopy. There […]

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Scott Hawksworth
Episode 002

CBD and Colon Health, with Scott Hawksworth

Episode Summary Unless you have been living under a rock, the three little letters “CBD” rings a bell. But what do you know exactly? This wildly popular substance has taken the integrative health scene by […]

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Dr. Kenneth Yang
Episode 001

Colonoscopy Basics, with Dr. Kenneth Yang

Episode Summary Colonoscopies are often the butt of jokes (no pun intended), but the numerous ways in which these important procedures can improve and save your life is no laughing matter. Learn a wealth of […]

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Dr. Dac Teoli
Episode 000

Welcome to the Colon Health Podcast, with Dr. Dac Teoli

Episode Summary Maintaining colon health is vital to living a long, healthy, and enjoyable life. What do you need to know to maintain the healthiest colon possible? Dr. Dac Teoli is a practicing physician, husband, […]

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