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Join Dr. Dac or Ariel Bridges each week on the Colon Health Podcast to learn the latest advancements and advice on managing colon health.

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Episode 27

Screening saves lives, with Jeffrey Crespin

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness month! We feel so grateful for all of you who listen to the podcast and hope that it is a helpful tool to spread awareness year round. Today’s episode may […]

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Episode 26

Breaking down IBD, with Amber Tresca

We have had a lot of guests on our podcast discuss the diagnosis of IBS and how to manage the accompanying symptoms, but there is a lot of confusion between the diagnosis of IBS and […]

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Episode 25

Treat Yourself to Whole Foods! , with Leslie Cannon

More often than not, whenever bacteria come up in discussion, it’s usually associated with illness or infection! How much do you know about the good bacteria in our bodies and where to get more of […]

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Episode 24

Entertaining GI Education: Meeting Kids Where They’re At & Things People Aren’t Telling You About Your Gut Health, with Rebecca Winderman

When it comes to health education and teaching people what is going on with their bodies, the earlier we can learn, the better! How do we educate young children and teenagers about the importance of […]

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Episode 23

Test, Don’t Guess! The Benefits of Personalizing Your Approach to Gut Healing, with Renee Bergmen

We talk a lot about holistic healing approaches on this podcast: having a solid mental health routine, making sure you’re addressing traumas, and researching natural remedies to address your symptoms. Have you ever felt like […]

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Episode 22

The Nature of Natural Medicine, with Kayla Szampruch

With the rising costs of healthcare and concern for the safety of certain medications, the search is on for natural ways to heal. Many people are turning to Naturopathic Doctors to guide them on their […]

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Episode 21

Your Guide to Gout, with Spiro Koulouris

Gout is a chronic and progressive condition that affects 8.3 million Americans. With 90% of gout patients having conditions like obesity or high cholesterol making it more difficult to manage their symptoms, you can see […]

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Episode 20

When your body attacks: Autoimmune Diseases & Gut Health, with Lindsey Parsons

Autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, type 1 diabetes, and IBD occur when the immune system mistakenly attacks the body. This often leads people to experience a variety of different systems resulting in a sometimes […]

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Episode 019 your way through your symptoms, with Laura Martin

The mind and body are very deeply interconnected—this is something that you hear often, but have you taken time to examine what this may mean for the symptoms you’re currently experiencing? When we are suffering […]

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