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Episode 42

The Multi-Faceted World of GI Health, with Rashmi Advani

There is a lot of different terminology surrounding weight-loss—overweight, obesity, BMI—but what does it all mean? Today, we’re chatting with Dr. Rashmi Advani, a gastroenterology fellow with a sub interest in obesity medicine. She is […]

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Episode 41

Navigating Celiac Disease, with Jessica Lebovits

These days, you hear more and more about people practicing a gluten-free diet. Whether it’s due to a diagnosis of Celiac disease, an attempt to lose weight, or a non-Celiac gluten sensitivity, people are prioritizing […]

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Episode 40

The World of GI Behavioral Health, with Megan Riehl

We often chat about the gut-brain connection here on the podcast and how your mental health can influence your gut health. Many people are aware of gastroenterologists and therapists, but did you know that there […]

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Episode 39

Your Ostomy Care Team: you’re not alone! , with Kerri Holman

Over the past several weeks, we have been diving into the world of ostomies and ostomy care to provide you with a wealth of resources to educate yourself and your loved ones. This week we’re […]

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Episode 38

Demystifying Migraines: the gut connection, with Tanya Paynter

With more than one billion people suffering from migraines worldwide, you would think we would have more solutions for this debilitating condition!  Dr. Tanya Paynter is a naturopathic doctor and migraine specialist that is shedding […]

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Episode 37

Understanding your Medical Provider Team, with James Haddad

Have you ever been to a medical appointment and had several other people see you who weren’t your doctor? The different roles within a medical care team can be confusing for a patient! Dr. James […]

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Episode 36

The Importance of IBD Advocacy in South Asian Communities , with Tina Aswani Omprakash

Representation in Healthcare is a major issue that the medical community is still working on addressing. With differences across cultures that affect how patients seek out and receive care, it’s incredibly important to make sure […]

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Episode 35

Life without a colon, with Cody Maher

A few weeks ago, we learned that it’s possible to live a normal life without a stomach! This week we’re diving deeper and learning more about what life is like without a colon. Cody Maher […]

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Episode 34

Ostomy Surgery- If you can do it before, you can do it after, with Susan Burns

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of being guests at the Annual Scientific Meeting hosted by the American Society for Colorectal Surgeons! We got to speak with a lot of excellent surgeons and other […]

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