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Hosted by physician and author Dr. Dac Teoli, The Colon Health Podcast features guest interviews with expert physicians, leading researchers, nutritional scientists, integrative health specialists, and other foremost experts in colon health.

Dr. Kylie Burton
Episode 013

How to Interpret Your Lab Results, with Dr. Kylie Burton

How many times have you gone in for your annual physical or maybe a sick appointment and you heard your doctor order a bunch of blood tests? Not only are you uncertain what each of […]

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Carly Lucchesi
Episode 012

The Role of Diet in Managing Stress, with Carly Lucchesi

When the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a pandemic on March, 11 2020,  the world collectively experienced a new definition for what it means to be “stressed out.” With new levels of […]

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Cheryl Meyer
Episode 011

Taking Power Over Your Own Health, with Cheryl Meyer

Toxins are everywhere impacting our health. How what you eat, and what you put in your body is enormously important. Question your doctor. Do your research. And take power over your own health. Cheryl Meyer […]

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