What happens during a Colonoscopy procedure?

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During the colonoscopy, we bring the patient in to the endoscopy center and we have them lay on their left side. We give you of plenty of medication to make you nice and comfortable. We take the colonoscope which is a long tube with a camera at the end of it and we place it in your colon. The colon is about five and half feet long and has many curves and we use gentle techniques to traverse all the curves and advance the colonoscope all the way to the beginning of the colon. Then on slow withdrawal we inspect the colon closely. We look specifically for polyps and cancers. Polyps we can actually remove through the colonoscope and this will help prevent colon cancer. And this will also dictate when the next colonoscopy is needed. Certainly if we find colon cancer we can obtain tissue and that will help direct the next treatment step.