How can I best prevent colon cancer?

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Colon cancer can only be prevented by three maneuvers. Number one, undergoing a routine colonoscopy at the recommended interval. Colonoscopy is usually started off at the age of fifty and patients who are asymptomatic and who do not have any history of colon cancer or family history of colon cancer. The first step of course is undergoing your colonoscopy because polyps are only identified by undergoing colonoscopy and having them removed. The natural history of colon cancer is that they often times start off as a polyp and by removing them and by the identification through colonoscopy we are able to prevent colon cancer. The second most important step is also dietary recommendations. Number one, studies have shown that a high-fiber diet including brans, cereal, fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of colon cancer. There are other studies that also show that by taking in eighty one milligrams of baby aspirin, we can reduce the risk of colon cancer. Additional studies have also shown that a thousand milligrams of Calcium and about four hundred micrograms of Folate can also reduce the risk of colon cancer.