When should I take the colonoscopy cleansing solution?

This question was asked in Lakewood, California on 01/31/2012.
According to instructions, I need to start with drinking the solution at 6pm and finish it by 9pm. But I have class and being the dedicated student that I am, can I actually start drinking the solution at 9 pm and finish by 12, instead. My procedure is scheduled for 11:45 the next day.

Doctors Answers (3)

Harsha Vittal, M.D.
Answered on: 2/2/2012 5

I would recommend that you talk to your gastroenterologist to confirm that your plan is OK.

Shahram Javaheri, M.D.
Answered on: 2/2/2012 5

Of course you can start at 9 pm. Just be aware that you may be up later experiencing diarrhea.

David Myles Nolan
Answered on: 2/1/2012 8

That should be fine - an alternative is to take the first 3 liters starting the night before, and take the final liter about 6 hours before your procedure (so at 5am).