What happens during a colonoscopy?

This question was asked in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin on 05/16/2012.
Can you please explain the colonoscopy procedure for me.

Doctors Answers (3)

David Pound, M.D.
Answered on: 5/21/2012

You are mildly sedated and placed in the exam room on a cart with side rails on your side. The physician will insert a lubricated? lighted scope into your rectum and the inside of your colon will be visualized. Gas is placed in the colon to help visual things. Tissue samples can be taken at time?of the procedure?to be looked at under microscope for further evaluation.?The entire procedure takes about 20-30 minutes depending on the phsycian performing the procedure. After the procedure you are sent to a recovery room to fully wake up and be monitored for any problems. The recovery period will be determined by how quickly you wake and are passing gas. If you are not sedated for colonoscopy the recovery time is much quicker.

David Myles Nolan
Answered on: 5/17/2012

There are details on the colonoscopy.com website outlining the procedure - essentially you are partially sedated, and the scope is guided through your colon.? During the procedure the doctor is visualizing the internal colon and removing polyp as they see them.

Harsha Vittal, M.D.
Answered on: 5/16/2012

first you start by cleaning the colon by drinking a colon preparation. Then you are given some medications to sedate. Then the colonoscope is inserted. The procedure takes about 20 minutes.