New Technology Could Improve Effectiveness of Colonoscopies

Technological advances in the imaging component for colonoscopies will provide gastroenterologists a clearer view of a person’s bowels by using the new Third Eye Retroscope. 

Colon cancer is one of the most fatal and common type of cancer and the early detection of colorectal cancer is life-saving.

An improvement in diagnostic equipment is now available called the Third Eye Retroscope.  This is a device which can provide a steady and clearer view of the colon. This is used together with a colonoscope.

The gastroenterologist can now check at the inner portions of the colon to locate abrasions.   Once the cause of the problem is identified earlier, treatment can be given immediately thereby thwarting the development of cancerous cells.

The Third Eye Retroscope is an FDA approved gadget that allows a better view than the conventional colonoscopy. The device is able to detect polyps that are not normally seen since they are located in the folds of the intestines.

The device is used like the usual colonoscope but it can turn 180 degrees then stays in that angle. As the colonoscope is being pulled away from the colon, the device captures images from the back side of the colon. 

The Third Eye is fitted with the customary colonoscopy catheter and not only presents a forward view but also has a rear facing camera with a LED light. The device is akin to the read-view mirror of a vehicle.

When the gastroenterologist finds a polyp or polyps this can be taken out during the procedure as well.  This new device is said to spot more precancerous polyps.

Depending on a person’s risk factor, having a colonoscopy can be made whenever symptoms persist.  With this new device, early detecting and prevention is more possible and faster.