Endoscopy Devices Sector Show Fast Growth

Visiongain, an information provider based in London, released a report that endoscopy devices market would boom up to $75.8 billion by the year 2022.  In 2010, this medical device generated a sales of 23.3 billion.

The growth of this market is attributed to the increase need for endoscopy as a non invasive process for diagnostic and treatment.  Endoscopy has had technological advances in terms of imaging quality and a deeper reach of areas that older devices could not do.

An endoscope is the device used to check the internal organs of a person.  This device is composed of a flexible or rigid, thin and long tube with a light and a small video camera at the end.  The images captured are sent to a monitor for the gastroenterologist to view and recorded for further evaluation.  The procedure called endoscopy is an invasive diagnostic process that checks the interior area of a tissue or an organ.  Biopsies and retrieval of foreign objects inside a person’s bowels also use an endoscope.

Gastroenterologists used to resort to endoscopy after patients undergo imaging scans like x-rays and MRIs to fully determine the problem. Currently with the newer image quality that endoscopes have, the imaging scans may no longer be necessary.

According to a healthcare analyst, Hermant Mistry, the rise of age related disorders like cancer and arthritis have cause a swell in the requirement for a minimal invasive procedure.  Colonoscopy or the capsule endoscopy will greatly decrease the death rate caused by colorectal cancer and other diseases. As people grow more and more aware of the benefits of preventive measures and checking, the requirement for endoscopic procedures will be proportionally affected.

The research released by Visiongain also highlights the fact that the endoscopy devices market will reap benefits from globalisation. Growing economies will increase middle class wealth.  This in turn affects lifestyle that may be hazardous to health. Gastroenterologists in these countries would need modern diagnostic tools to address illnesses stemming from obesity and improper bowl habits.

Visiongain concludes that the endoscopy devices market will continue to grow until 2011. This is a very lucrative market for investment with the need for safer and effective therapies.